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Integrates with your framework

Your jobs, your way

Whatever kinds of jobs you need to run, Queuebase has you covered

Background Jobs

Got a job you just need to run? Background jobs for those things you just want to set and forget.

Scheduled Jobs

(Coming soon!)

Need something to run a little bit later? Then a scheduled job is your best friend.

Recurring Jobs

(Coming soon!)

For those jobs you need to run over and over again. Supports CRON scheduling!

Top-notch developer experience

Inspired by tRPC, Queuebase leverages the power of TypeScript to provide you with an incredibly simple, yet powerful SDK for building your jobs.

Code step 1


Create your jobs

The first step is to define your jobs.

In this job, we're saying "Hello" to whatever name we passed in. Then, we export our jobs object to be used in our server code.

Code step 2


Configure your endpoint

Next, we create a new endpoint in Next.js (using the app router) that exposes a GET and POST endpoint.

The GET request is used to show your job configurations in the Queuebase dashboard, while the POST request is what Queuebase will call when executing a job.

We also give a URL that will get passed along with all our requests to Queuebase. This is so Queuebase knows what URL to call to run the job.

Code step 3


Run your job

Finally, we can run our job!

Our job will be queued in Queuebase. When it runs, Queuebase will make a POST request back to our app that includes the name of this job and it's payload.

At the very end, we should see "Hello, Brock" printed in our terminal!

Everything you need to get up running

Background jobs are hard. We've done the tricky parts for you, letting you focus on what matters.

Best-in-class DX

Queuebase leverages the power of TypeScript to provide a tRPC-like API for defining your jobs

Own your infrastructure

Your jobs run on your infrastructure, giving you the flexibility to deploy to any platform

Job insights

Track key metrics in your job runs and analyze performance

Application instances

From local to production, we give you everything you need to manage application instances

Automatic retries

Tell us how many times you want a job to try and run, and we'll take care of the rest

Run history

View your job run results at any time and re-run right from the dashboard

The best way to manage your background jobs

The idea to build Queuebase came to me after a lot of frustration trying to do background jobs in my Next.js apps. No solution I tried really felt right to me. They were either overly complex in terms of setup or barely maintained. I setout to build a simple yet powerful solution for managing background jobs in Next.js, one that all developers could use and enjoy.

- Brock Herion
Creator of Queuebase and founder of Orbitech

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